Focused on the details.

The drafting team is responsible for translating the owner’s project criteria and combining it with design to complete a set of erection drawings that include all connection details, plans, elevations, foundation embed layouts, and loose material. A PEC developed library of standard details promotes efficiency. The drafting team is also responsible for generating the piece ticket package. This includes the drawings needed for the production of the precast and quantity takeoff for the embedded material.


  • 3D structure modeling per owner / plant request

  • Storage and handling sketches for each type of piece

  • Erection bracing suggestions, if not already provided by erector

  • Repair details as needed during the erection process for any issues affecting the precast


  • Appreciation of possible production efficiencies associated with standardized pieces, strand patterns, and clear and concise piece tickets

  • Piece part list of all precast members summarizing geometry, reinforcement, and status

  • Coordination with production schedule for fast track projects