Construction Support

More than a consultant.

A successful precast structure requires experience and skills beyond drafting and design. At the start of a project PEC works with sales to create models and designs that are efficient for both owner and precaster. We have developed an internal system to cut down engineering time, accelerating the construction schedule. Open communication with the plant, as well as preliminary material ordering aids in an efficient production process. Experience with hundreds of structures allows PEC to quickly react to issues if they arise while dealing with field personnel.


  • 3D modeling for sales presentations

  • 2D sales drawings: Plans, elevations, building sections

  • BIM generated piece counts and yardage typically provided to the estimator

Material Purchasing

  • Optimization of material (mild reinforcement, efficient strand patterns, standardized plates, etc.)

  • Preliminary site embed and production embed material lists typically generated by the time approval drawings are returned

  • Utilization of client-specific materials if required

Project Management

  • Documentation of all written and verbal communication with the design team and GC

  • Generation of any required RFIs needed in order to expedite the construction process

  • Direct communication with architect, engineer, and other key design team members